Unity Football Competition

All over the world sports are seen as a means of unification in terms of trade, business and investment between states and among nations. The notion of unification has been attracting attention at various degrees. For example, in the European countries like France, England, Germany, Spain, and Italy, sports generally are used to promote unity and foster their economy.

It is also incorporated into the system to bring about social and economic development which is an important component of the country’s economy. It yields employment opportunities and consumer expenditure.
It provides dynamic opportunities by creating massive revenues from audiences, broadcasting rights, and sponsorship.

These opportunities made football a dynamic and unique industry globally that is inherently important on numerous fronts, and has expanded to include various categories of social, economic, and community based.

Plunkett (2009) in his own view noted that football provide a lucrative and continually growing market place worthy of immense investments, providing not only social and economic impact, but also serves as entertainment for millions of people globally.

The above assertion made football ingrained into the social fabric of most countries worldwide and provides a unique perspective of business enterprise, creating opportunities for varieties of people ranging from football players, coaches, officiating crew (Referees and Line men), technical crew (goalkeeper trainer and medical personnel), sponsors of wears such training jerseys, tracksuits, rain jackets, t-shirts, shorts, socks and boots.

Therefore, football as an industry may affects other industries such as education, small and medium scale businesses, tourism among others, which have an integral focus on social and economic activities. Indeed, the nature of football means that it is implicitly woven into a society.

People enjoy sporting activities and share diverse opinion on playing teams, individual players or even coaches of different clubs and countries with friends, neighbours and other likely minds.

The advantage of this is that it creates and sustains new relationship.