IEYAN shall honour the invitation of a member in any of the following occasions: (i) wedding (ii) Traditional marriage (iii) House warning (iv) Naming ceremony, birthday ceremony and remembrance.

Honouring of any invitation of a member shall be done once.

The Director of Protocol or Chapter Protocol Committee Chairman shall provide IEYAN banner and put same as backdrop.

The body shall make a provision of assorted drinks of their choice as the case maybe for themselves at the ceremony.

If a member is detained in the police bar for a case that does not involve stealing, robbery, murder or attempted murder, manslaughter, rape, treason and kidnapping, and the body is notified by the member through his/her relative, member of the body within the chapter shall visit the member and stand for his/her bail whereas the member shall later bear any expenses made, without any interest.

The National President, Deputy National President, Board of Trustees Chairman and other elected members of the NEC’s benefit as in section (i) of this article shall be decided by the National Executive Council and 36 States Executive Council and F.C.T respectively.