Intellectual Elite-Youth Association of Nigeria


To create a society in which an informed and active citizenry (YOUTHS) is sovereign and make informed policy decisions based democratic principles and the common good of the Nigerian Nation


To build the Nigerian Youths democratically and achieve to the latter, the provisions of the Not to young to Run Act through Activism, Education, Empowerment and Collaborations with other groups with similar interest

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We are not thugs, we are responsible youths. We will not fight with the government or go against the constitution. But we will make our voice heard in a constructive and matured way through dialogues and other legitimate ways


2021 IEYAN Unity Football Competition

All over the world sports are seen as a means of unification in terms of trade, business and investment between states and among nations. The notion of unification has been attracting attention at various degrees. For example, in the European countries like France, England…

2020 IEYAN National Youth Summit

In Nigeria today, young people are often excluded or overlooked in politics whether as a candidate or beneficiary.

Politics in these areas is typically regarded as a space for politically experienced men, while women are often at disadvantaged in accumulating experience to run for political office.

2020 IEYAN National Women Summit

Women generally are often excluded or overlooked in virtually in every faceted of lives. In fact, weather our religious believes, culture or social norms relegated them to the back seat in terms of responsibilities and leadership.

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